Kissed Mirrors

Lipstick on Mirror, Installation and Performance. Part of “Renovate” at Shoreditch Town Hall, Curated by Alice Sharp,1998. In this space, a woman’s toilet, two mirrors were opposite each other creating …


Sur La Plage

“Sur La Plage” Upstairs at the Clerks House, Shoreditch, London. Painted Limpit Shells. An unknown number of limpit shells were collected from the beach and individually painted using an amateur …


Giant Cabbage of the Channel Islands

The Cliffs, Guernsey. Photographic Print 1999. This charts the romantic search for a mythical plant which was purported to have grown up to 20ft high in Guernsey. Having thought I …

I spun the web

I spun a web

“I Spun a Web” Solo Show, Curtain Road Arts, London. Silver thread, fancy cakes and mixed media.1996. A giant web has been woven in the gallery to create a drawing …

Please light the fireworks

Please Light the Fireworks

Dusseldorf Academy, Germany. Mixed Media. 1996. A plastic couple have been stuck to a blank canvas looking into the void. Sparklers have been placed along the top and are lit …


Do you know what your wish is?

Solo Show, Laden 33, Dusseldorf, Germany. Mixed Media. 1995. The gallery was a former shop so I used pink light to lure viewers into the space. Hanging in the window …


The Holy

Group Show with the Uecker Class, Phillip Nicolai Church, Recklinhausen, Germany. Mixed Media. 1995 We were invited to make a show in Recklinghausen. I chose the bell tower of the …


Madame Kwok

Group Show, Kunstraum, Dusseldorf. Graphite powder drawing and framed photograph. 1995. This is a graphite wall drawing based on a map of the night sky at the time when I …


Untitled Galaxy

“Soon” Group Show, Underwood St.Gallery and Het Consortium, Amsterdam, Curated by Dermot O’Brien. I have dyed archival quality tissue paper with lightfast pigment and then scrunched it up and bound …


Bubble Gum Room

Group Show, The Tannery, London.1994 I have plastered a room as if icing a cake and painted it with magnolia paint. Using my mouth as a painting tool, I have …



Poppies, Greece, Photographic print.1999 In Greece I found a field of poppies to lay down in. Referencing, rather obviously, “The Wizard of Oz”, I wanted to literally be asphyxiated by …


A week in February

Dusseldorf Academy, 1995. This was an installation with occasional performances which took place over a week as a response to the German festival of Carnival. It was also influenced by …



Photographic print, 2002, La Gomera, Spain. Channeling an Elf in an ancient laurel forest on the island of La Gomera.


Stoned Fox

Photographic Print, Guernsey, 1999. Fascinated by the garden sculpture of Guernsey, I inserted myself into this garden scene in order to animate the stone fox who appeared stoned.


Natural High

Performance and Film, Guernsey, 1998 Film shown at the Big Chill, 1998, in an exhibition curated by Alice Sharp. “Natural High”, is a film of a private performance in a …