“Garcon a la Pipe” by Picasso, Trafalgar Hilton Hotel, London, 2004

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Painted in 1905, depicting Petite Loius, an adolescent actor, this was the most expensive painting ever sold at auction (at that time). Commissioned by the Trafalgar Hilton Hotel to co-incide with the Frieze Art. Fair. I invited 100 artists, guests and collectors residing in the Hotel to Re-create the painting over four days commenting on the commercialisation of Art. The finished painting, 100cm x 82cm is now in the collection of the Hotel.

Conan Degannes, Ana Cocho Bermejo, Spider, Helix, Wim Delvoye, Sam Lim, Alex Farquharson, Marie Mulley, May Mugmeg, Ben Hehir, Ming Tan, Claire O’ Regan, Constansa Rauch, Anne Smith, Becky Moll, Nick Cunard, John Macmillen, Steve Cbhaviks, Tom Howard, John Pilcher, Joe Friday, Dervla Shields, Bill Kelly, Spartacus, Hugh Mendes ,Beata, Khadija Afilal, Lucy Hazell, Sarah Cote, Maria Diez, Tricia O’Connel, Alison Kane, Cath Young, Tina McCallan, Jawed Ashraf, Jamie Gill, Anne Marie, Diorne Sehn, Carl Young, Neil Fox, Hrvoje Majer, Rebecca Thomas, Alexander Dumas, Claire McCallan, Deepa Bidd, Johnny Wright, Tim Sergejevs, Mary Peevers, Ned Downey, Nick Dawes, Phillipe Gomez, Angela Young, Rauqel Parker, Nico Fredell, Ju Lim, Ashley Damato, Paul Van Gelder, Alex Watt, Chris Simmins, Lucien Shinique, David Wilson, Alberto Coronado, Diana Prata, Shiva, Faye Kaliszczak, Eleanor Max, Hannah Devlin, Yuri Caul, Mario Biancacci, Jerry Mattias, May Han, Ayesha Ngavjah, Jordan Rolfe, Sandra Schaefer, Emilya Slingerland, Isabelle Grandelle Smith, Tina Maelvin, Jiho Shin, Bridget Hugo, Israel, Emmajane Lawrence, Mary Lou Kelly, Tae Hyen Kim, Giovanni Spezziga, Arran Rolfe, Vanna Kostayola, Lessie Sargeant, Emilie D’Avout, Shaun Parker, Richard Forward, Angela Proctor, Rick Marriner, Olaf Peters, Velevet Huxley and others.

Thanks to: Sam Lim, Jawed Ashraf, Charles Brockbank, Hrvoje Majer and all the staff of the Trafalgar.




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