” Joyeaux Farceurs” by Henri Rousseau, C.H.A, London, 2005.

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Joyeaux Farceurs” ( Merry Jesters) by Henri Rousseau, 1906. A three day outdoor Re-creation with 80 residents and tenants of Auden Place. Original size 145.8cm x 113.4cm, recreation 290cmx 224cm, 80 squares over 4 days. Acrylic on WB plywood. Commissioned by The Community Housing Association for the residents of Auden Place, Primrose Hill, London.

 The painting chosen was influenced by the gardens where the project took place and where it is on permanent display. It also references the nearby Zoo. Painted by a mixture of adults and children on the estate, the idea was to visually extend the garden up the wall by painting a huge image full of leaves and flowers. Participants:

Omar Afuhi / Hannah Bayford / Jake Bayford / Danielle Avery /Nicki Avery/Craig Avery / Leighanne Avery / Paul McCarrol /Jodie Eliza / Charlie Eliza/ Charlie Goodwin/ Alliyah Thomas/ Paige Cole/ Ellie Cole/ Hanish/ Amy Howles/ Xavier Stochaj/ Mr Stochaj/ Samara Scott / George Bacon/ Rebecca Thomas/ Lorna Johnson/ Alasdair Gordon/Marie Van Beijern / Abu Kibla

Thanks to: Rebecca and Kibla.

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