“Children by the Seashore” by Renoir, Guernsey Museum, 2000.

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In 1888, Renoir visited Guernsey and painted several versions of my favourite childhood bay; Moulin Huet. In a letter to Watteau, Renoir describes Guernsey as a ” Kind of Paradise”. This was re-created over a period of 9 days with 165 locals and tourists.

Oil on canvas, 150cm x 100cm. Sponsored by the States of Guernsey.

Participants: Jude Beaugeard, Jeanne Buffard, Abigail and Martha Downing, Anne Carman, Anne-Marie Martin, Douglas Heinz, Hollwep, Gwen Parsons, Geoffrey Torode, Neal McClean, Barbara Julou, Phil Dupre, Angela Stable, Janine Roche, Esme Bishop, Michael Bishop, Malcolm Clare, Angelica Robbert, Neeltje Gronheid, Matt Wadley, Bernie, Gwen and Tom Collins, Elsie Patterson, Tina Mathews, Kay Lowe, Stephanie Lowe, Anna Muston, Amy and Roger Goodlass, Sophie Wild, Elvin and Gail Johnson, Jane Rabey, June Hollis, Betty, Margaret Colognoli, Miffy and David Lane, Maria Wischeruman, Ria Van Lee, Walter Brock, Lynn Seamark, Jennifer Godbeer, Joy Barker, Heather Loughridge, Anna, Meryl and Clive Pithers, Derek Fletcher, Robyn Allan, Emma and Claire McLeod, Paul Craig, Caroline Coxhead, K Ogier, Anne Wilson, Emma Heaume, Melissa Salmon, Marty Hazlewood, Chris Queripel, Geraldine Julou, Eric Snell, Tony Beaugeard, Susan Brehaut, Danielle Blinicho, Jane Savident, Molly Wallace, Jackie Locke, Alison & Eleanor Good, Molly Denis, Bethany, Ruth DelaMare, Jo, Janet Stephens, Lynne Ashton, Hazel Arthur, Mike Marsden, Jenny Thomas, Samantha Masterman, Athena Char, Keith Bowman, Chris and Judith Creber, Alison Perrio, Jessica Le Huray, Gwen Piesing, Caroline Davey, Danielle Rowe, Stephanie and David Rice, Louise Houslip, Tracey and Tiffeny Woody, Gill Harrison, Elizabeth and Alan Heywood, Thom, Rosa, Stephen and Mary Wyatt, Marette Bright, Sue Pendleton, Kondo Spencer Kondo, Pam Langton, Ursula Harries,Carol Doran, Erica Aslett, Jessica and Lindsay, Roger Keith Weston, Genevieve Rouget, Robbie and Stuart Kerr, Anne Hudson, Rebecca Hudson, Wynn Parkin, David Rolph, Ian Hill, Libby Shotbolt Vosey, Dave Mitchell, Garnet & Andrea, Maureen Hartley, Brian Hartley, Alys Duggan Elizabeth and Sue Waterman.


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