“The Matyrdom of St. Edmund” by Brian Wheelan, U.K. 2014.

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A commission by Rev. David Streeter to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the dioscese of which St. Edmund is the patron. At Wingfield Barns Art Centre, Suffolk. Acrylic on canvas, original painting by Brian Wheelan. Thanks to Margaret and David Streeter, Roberto Parisini and all who took part as well as Bob and Rosemary Elliot and the De La Pole Arms.

PAINTERS …Bob Elliot, Dean and Luna Sore, Antonia Leverell, Esther Womack, Roberto Parisini, Mary Hunt, Bernard Ryam, Lynda Bennet, Marie Morgan, Michael Womack, Suzi Leverell, Mary Womack, Percy Whinney, Rosemary Elliot, Margaret Streeter, France Demetriadi, Eleanor Goodison, Sara Muzira, Olive Robinson, Abi Mayoon, Joseph Axon, Josh Allois, James Taylor, Trevor Sparks, Holly Taylor, Suzanne Watson, Fin Mayoon, Peter Cleall, Lindsay Stiles, Zahra Axon, Laura Krantz, Isabelle Allois, Kate Axon, Pip Moiance, Virgina Skoyles, Iona Maydon, Harvey.

  • Date: March 2014
  • Client: Commissioned by Rev. David Streeter
  • Filed under: Re-Creations