Tina is an award winning artist who studied Painting at The Royal Academy of Arts in London as well as the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf in Germany with a DAAD scholarship. She has been commissioned to organise Re-creations in a variety of places including The United Nations, Lebanon, The National Gallery, London, The Museum of Fine Art, Valencia and the Glastonbury Festival, U.K. 

Based on a democratic version of a 15th Century painting workshop, Tina and her assistants travel through art history re-creating iconic paintings with the visitors to the museum, gallery or festival by inviting them to paint a square on a canvas in a collaborative performance.

The work arose from the idea of exploring “egolessness” in painting. A painter will spend hours in a studio producing works identifiable as his or her own. They are then sold and highly prized for their individual style. Tina wondered what would happen if she invited other people to paint her paintings with her.

Working with a variety of International multilingual assistants who help deliver the projects, Tina has completed more than fourty commissions in museums, galleries, festivals, schools and businesses. Each one is unique depending on the location, the event and the participants. She is passionate about reaching audiences which don’t often go to galleries by creating projects in public places, places of work and institutions. please see cv