The Holy

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Group Show with the Uecker Class, Phillip Nicolai Church, Recklinhausen, Germany.

Mixed Media. 1995

We were invited to make a show in Recklinghausen. I chose the bell tower of the church, I wanted to create a laboratory in the tower as if God was a working scientist carrying out experiments with creation and decay.

On the first floor, I projected acetate photocopies of medieval drawings of a phallus and a vagina, reducing humanity down to the genitals. On the second floor, I laid out eight petri dishes in the shape of a cross/kiss and filled them with milk, water wine and urine.On the third floor, I collected plants from around the base of the church, dissected them and placed them on giant sheet of paper in rows, like specimens, wondering if they were more holy than plants that grew by the roadside.


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